Company Mission

"I want to build my company based on transparency and trust." - William Lai

Since the beginning of our company, our founders have dedicated their entire careers to creating a transparent environment for both our suppliers and customers and to building their trust in our ability to handle and deliver the best fresh produce to the marketplace.

Furthermore, our quality control and sales teams closely monitor the quality of each of our arrivals, making sure that all of our products are up to our customers’ satisfaction. On the other hand, we also keep in contact with our suppliers on a daily basis, providing them with real-time market information, quality reports, and sales solutions for our fruits.

With such high level of transparency, we at Tung Shing hope to build and strengthen both our suppliers and customers’ confidence and trust in our company.

Company History

Tung Shing Fresh Fruit Company Limited was founded in 1995 by Mr. William Lai and his wife, Mrs. Ann Lai, with the goal of bringing fresh produce from all over the world into Hong Kong.

This family venture initially focused on importing fresh apples from USA to Hong Kong, but our founders gradually diversified our product portfolio into oranges, grapes, cherries, and other fresh produce. As the company grew, our founders decided to expand our market presence into Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Macau.

Over the years, Tung Shing became one of the most competitive and largest fresh fruit importers in Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, and Shanghai with fresh supply from all over the world. With our extensive geographical reach and industry knowledge, we are able to build and capitalize on our reputation by delivering the best fruits to our various sales avenues including supermarkets, wholesale markets, e-commerce companies, and restaurant and hotel chains.

William Lai

William Lai is the co-founder and CEO of Tung Shing.

He co-founded Tung Shing in 1995 and has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer, overseeing the Company's corporate development, supply-chain management, global sourcing and distribution, and customer relationships.

Prior to Tung Shing, William co-founded Wooly, focusing primarily on fresh produce sourcing, sales strategy formulation, and customer relationships.

William is a member of the Kowloon Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Association. He is also a trustee at the Yaumati KaiFong Association School.

Sally Lai

Sally Lai is the Chief Financial Officer of Tung Shing.

She oversees the Company's bank relationships, corporate finance, treasury, financial planning and analysis, financial reporting, risk management, and foreign exchange hedge.

Prior to Tung Shing, Sally served as the financial controller of a Gold and Silver trading company, overseeing customer's portfolios and conducting cash flow analysis and financial risk management.

Sally is a member of the Hong Kong Shanghai Pudong Association and Relay Asia. She is also an active participant in the UBS China Charity program.

Sally holds a Master of Public Policy degree from Peking University, and a Bachelor of Political Science degree from Washington University in Saint Louis.

Leo Lai

Leo Lai is the General Manager of Tung Shing.

He is responsible for the Company's global sourcing and distribution, relationship management and customer expansion, risk management, and logistics management.

Prior to joining Tung Shing, Leo worked as an investment banker at BNP Paribas, helping large cap real estate companies raise funds in the capital markets, providing various financial advisory services, and assisting with mergers and acquisition activities on both asset and corporate levels.

Leo is currently a member of the Entrepreneur's Organization and a committee member of Cornell Hotel Society. He is also an alumnus of the UBS LEADS program and an active participant in the UBS China Charity program.

Leo holds a Bachelor of Hotel Administration degree from the College of Business at Cornell University along with a concentration in Investment Banking and Corporate Finance and a minor in Real Estate.